Automation Development

Automation can improve the delivery process of a software product in many cases. The automation of tests is initially associated with increased effort, but the related benefits will quickly start paying off...

Automation Development

The Japanese revolutionised the manufacturing industry in the 70s and 80s. They became leaders in efficiently delivering high-quality products and others quickly started adopting their practices. The most notable practice was mistake proofing, or Poka Yoke.

This involved adding smart mechanisms to reduce the level of defects and increase the quality of outcomes.

At, we see the potential that automation has for the technology industry and we’re committed to bridging the gaps and bringing this automation to you.


Recently we’ve seen a spike in growth in delivering fast and cheap. Practices like Agile and DevOps have brought new methods of delivering efficiently. In the most recent implementations of Agile and DevOps, automation has become a primary enabler of efficiency.

Why should we use automated testing? It makes testing easier and frees up employee time and resources for other tasks. Automation lets us run tests, compare test results to identify issues or trends, and reduce human error.

If you want to implement automation in your business, you’ll use a Test Automation Framework. There are multiple frameworks available, but most require customization to make them the best fit for your needs.

At, we’re here to help you with your journey to automation.

Free Presentations

Did you know our Automation Development team provides free information sessions for organisation, team and interest group? We believe that the best results are achieved by working together and sharing knowledge. As a leader in the automation domain, we’d like to offer our two hour presentation, “Getting Know Automation,” at your location.

Our presentations are a great way to get a general overview of automation tools, the types available, and learn how you can use it to make to focus and improve your delivery quality.

No matter what group you belong to, organisation you work for, or what your core area of focus is, you can benefit from our “Getting to Know Automation” presentation.

Try it See it FREE

In addition to free knowledge sharing, we also offer great startup kits to those interestedon embarking on Automation Development. If your organisation is considering automation, contact us. We’lll give you a great package to kick off your automation development project for your web application. This is what you’ll get:

  • Free scripts for your login and logout functionality
  • Host the scripts and run daily for 3 months
  • Ensure the functionality is up and running error free
  • Enable email notification of automation run results

Further Opportunities

We’re experienced automation experts and have built our own custom framework. We’ve helped multiples businesses move towards or improve their automation.

We can help you meet your automation needs and take your delivery capabilities to the next level.

Let’s talk about how your business can benefit from automation.