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"Path to leadership is Creativity. Stay Creative!"


We started as a small enterprise over a decade ago to help businesses grow and sustain their leadership in the industry. In 2002 provided one of the largest confectionery wholesalers in Lower Hutt, New Zealand with our technology and consulting services. In mid 2003 our core project, Salesforce Automation was selected as a finalist in two categories (Automation of SME and Mobile Computing) in "Computerworld Excellence Awards". This achievement led to the expansion of our highly effective, low profile technology and consulting services. In 2007 we registered our company LiveRanks.com Limited delivering technology development and business services to numerous organisations locally and overseas. From being a small research and consulting oriented venture, we have now expanded to provide world-class business research, technology development, consulting, and custom talent sourcing services.


We build creative stuff to help your business grow. We provide creative solutions to help you be ahead of your competition.


We love innovative ideas and leading edge solutions. We like to provide innovative solutions to grow your business, to position your business at the forefront in your industry.


We value your time. Thus, we are as responsive as it can be. We provide fast solutions to solve your problems efficiently.


We look at the holistic picture to bring you simple and innovative solutions to meet your expectations ahead of time.


We provide a holistic approach to grow your business, to make it a market leader. We believe creativity and innovation are the primary contributors to achieving a competitive edge and business leadership. The latest addition to our range of services is the talent resourcing service which is successfully being run as a pilot program to help organisations.


We deliver technology development and related service focussing on the outcomes for our customers. We treat simplicity and the value add utmost importance in solutions delivery.


Our edge is the openness to industry innovations. We research ways of using latest development in technology and management practices and apply our findings customer solutions.


We share our intellectual capability through consulting coaching and training services. Enterprise Architecture and Agile for high performing teams are popular areas of our consulting portfolio.


We take pride in connecting people in win-win-win situations. Our involvement in the industry and the community connects us with local and overseas (with immigrations services through our partners) talent.


It’s time to lead the industry. Let’s work together.


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Chalaka Salpadoru


Yun Li


Aravindh Rajendran


Tessa Hopman


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